We cordially
welcome you to embark on a spiritual journey of self-discovery. Join us on this
breathtaking and amazing trek into the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

You may find
love and tranquility everywhere around you, even in your daily life, if you
discover and experience it within yourself.

We respect the
sacred heritage of spiritual healing via the use of the Ayahuasca plant, as
well as other visionary and therapeutic herbs. Our shamans have extensive
expertise directing holy ceremonies and assisting individuals with physical,
mental, and spiritual healing.


This beautiful
and peaceful location can assist you in connecting with the energy of nature,
including trees, rivers, animals, and plants; the Earth and the Universe; and
the healing, recovery, and awareness processes.

The rainforest
is extremely ancient and smart, and it knows things that humans don’t. It also
knows the solutions to some issues that people can’t solve on their own.


Amazon Healing Center is a natural healing center nestled in the stunning Peruvian Amazon Basin. It is surrounded only by the beautiful rain forest, which may give you with a serene environment for your spiritual trip. It’s the perfect setting for shamanic and natural medicine treatment.

Our Mission

Our objective is to create a secure and natural environment for anyone seeking spiritual growth and want to purify themselves of all bad energy associated with physical diseases and unpleasant emotions.

Our goal is to accompany individuals on a spiritual journey by assisting them in discovering their own inner universe and soul in their search for peace and love.

We wish to assist people in becoming more conscious of nature and returning to its inherent vitality, which is found in trees, plants, rivers, mountains, and animals…. Also, encourage people to think more about environmental protection and improving the planet for ourselves and our children.

We urge that everyone become conscious of and accountable for themselves in establishing a world free of conflicts and bloodshed, a world full of love and peace, so that they may open their hearts and not be scared of change…


Tambos, where our guests sleep, is created entirely of natural materials, including a palm-leaf roof.

We have eight tambos, each with two beds, a comfy mattress, pillow, and bedding, as well as a towel. A mosquito net protects everything while allowing light in. Relax in a hammock.

 Maloca, a ceremonial edifice with a kitchen, toilets, and bathrooms, is also situated inside this vast space.


Amazon Healing Center Is located in the rain forest, about an hour’s drive from Iquitos. Near the Auca Cocha Indian Lake. It takes one and a half hours to fly from Lima to Iquitos, 30 minutes to drive to the port, and 30 minutes to travel by boat.


Shaman Don Joel Paredes

Don Joel has spent over 40 years living and working with jungle flora west of Iquitos. He is the Shaman and guide for the El Huambé community.

His mother, who was a great vegetalista, taught him the knowledge of the plants first (a healer that works only with plants, not ayahuasca). His mother and sister, who is also a well-known curandera in Tarapoto, educated him.

Don Joel was beckoned by ayahuasca after many years of dealing with forest plants and diets several master herbs in seclusion. In addition to his 40 years as a vegetalisto and ayahuasquero

Don Joel has worked primarily with Westerners for over 15 years, many of whom are trying ayahuasca for the first time.

Don Joel, who is acknowledged as a real doctor, will be at your ayahuasca retreat or master plant dieta. We are thrilled to work with him.