What exactly is Kambo?

Kambo is the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog’s sweat (cutaneous secretion), which is carefully harvested. Small wooden sticks are employed as a repository for the secretion once it is retrieved, and it is then allowed to dry for future use.

The fluids that emerge from the frog’s body are a defensive mechanism that the animal employs to ward off predators.

The extraction of this chemical takes place without harming the animals. Harming these creatures, according to the indigenous, would be disrespectful to the holy spirit in charge of the healing process.

hese creatures are known as kambo frogs or gigantic toads, and their native home is the Amazon jungle, with the biggest populations found in Peru and Brazil.

When the kambo is applied to the skin, the active components of the sweat function physiologically in the body, creating a variety of results

4 days Our Self-Healing Kambo Training Program

Learn Kambo Self-Application safely.

The Kambo Self-Healing Training course covers the principles of self-administration with an emphasis on indigenous traditional practices.

The training begins with 6–8 hours of fundamental theory, which are required to work with Kambo in a conventional setting. Participants will discover the how and why of our method, with a focus on safety and the preservation of ceremonial form.

What You'll Discover

On Day 1, trainees are taught dynamic use of intention and integration technique as well as important components of working with jungle medicine.


Participants will learn about Kambo’s physical, emotional, and spiritual elements, as well as how to interact with the medicine on all three levels, as the Indigenous Matsés have done for thousands of years.


We begin 20 hours of ‘hands-on’ practical instruction on Day 2 to 4. Participants will learn the skill of self-dosing, a lovely route that has a lot of promise for self-healing and expanding the relationship with this precious medicine.

Students also learn the value of safety standards, the value of a skilled sitter, and how to properly sit for other medical students.

Training that is humble, safe, and experienced

The practical training portion is thorough and comprehensive. An “inoculation campaign,” also known as the “Kambo dieta,” consists of three full days of medicinal work. This procedure is certain to produce a remarkable healing experience when handled with humility and honesty.

Our graduates have the information, abilities, and experience to safely and efficiently begin the process of self-administration. This encounter provides a firm basis for extending and widening one’s relationship with Sapo (one of the Matsés’ more prevalent names for this medication). 

We are really grateful for the chance to give our children with effective self-work tools and practices.

Matses shamanic medicine training and introduction in Peru

The 12-day dieta program is exclusively accessible at our location in the Peruvian jungle, with the first eight days spent in solitary and the remaining days dedicated to different activities. During the retreat, participants will meet Matses tribal members, hear about the medicine’s origins, and learn how to locate frogs and extract their treatment. The Kambo dieta, an Amazonian shamanic technique that helps individuals connect with the frog spirit, is also an important part of this training. Given that this medicine’s roots are in shamanism, it’s a fantastic experience for any Kambo practitioner to enjoy.

  • This retreat is open to anybody who has finished the basic KN program and want to continue their education in order to become fully certified KN practitioners.
  • Individuals wishing for deeper healing can join our Kambo dieta. • Practitioners who have been taught by others can apply for this course if they want to enhance their expertise and experience a Kambo dieta.

If you have already completed our 14-day basic training, you will be featured on our website as qualified KN practitioners after completing this retreat. You may also contact us and other KN practitioners through our private Facebook page, where we discuss Kambo-related matters.

SETTING Iquitos, Peru

Amazon Healing Center

If at all feasible, all participants should come at least one day earlier to the retreat dates. It is beneficial to relax after the travel in order to overcome jet lag and prepare for the jungle. We can assist you in locating suitable lodging in town.


Includes transportation from Iquitos to the retreat location and return, Kambo dieta training, Kambo treatments, meals, and lodging during the retreat.

During the dieta, every participants will have their own mosquito-proof tent, clean filtered water to drink, and a variety of vegan meals / diet food.

All participants will also have the opportunity to acquire extra high-quality and reasonably priced Kambo sticks, Sananga, and Rapé. The Matses tribe harvests all Kambo medication, and a portion of the proceeds go to social programs that serve to improve the frogs’ and community’s habitat. Sanaga is created by the Matses tribe, and Rapé is made by other tribes in Brazil.

We’ll leave about lunchtime for Iquitos’ Rumococha harbor. We’ll take a 50-minute boat journey from here to our facility, which is only a short walk away.

When we get to the center, we will check you in and give you a tour of the facility.

Following a pause till supper, we’ll join the Matses in their search for frogs.


There will be a Kambo session after that, which will be done by Robinson. You’ll watch how a Matses treatment is done and feel the power of fresh medicine straight from the frog.

Later in the afternoon, we’ll get the chance to hear the Matses’ stories and ask them any questions you have about their tribe and how they utilize the Kambo.

Given that all participants will have prior Kambo expertise and no need to practice applications, the number of sessions will be determined on an individual basis depending on the needs of the trainees.

The sessions will take place in the morning after a brief shearing and the opportunity to ask any questions about Kambo that may arise. Apart from that, there would be no further contacts between the participants, allowing them to stay silent and concentrate just on the dieta.

There will be no Kambo sessions on the dieta’s eighth day. Instead, you will be able to sample the traditional dieta. This implies you’ll be required to spend the entire day in your hut. Food will be delivered to your hut, and the professors will pay you a visit so that you may express yourself if necessary.

We will finish the dieta in the morning, and you will begin the post-dieta.

Following the dieta teachings’ integration process, dream sharing, and vision interpretation,


Ceremony using ayahuasca (optional, cost 60 usd)

One of the local Ayahuascasqueros with whom we collaborate will perform the Ayahuasca ceremony. Please contact us for further details.

After breakfast, we’ll return to Iquitos from the center.

Maestro Robinson

Robinson was born in Peru’s Loreto area, in the Chovaiaco town of the Matses reserve. The Matses are the only Peruvian tribe that have retained the knowledge of how to use Kambo, and it is common for them to introduce their children to this medication at an early age.

Robinson was 8 years old when he first received Kambo in 1971, which was not exceptional because receiving and applying Kambo is part of the Matses community’s tradition. The objectives for doing it include frequently cleansing from negative energy and becoming a better hunter. Even for Matses men, being skilled hunters is no longer enough to support their families. Robinson left the Matses settlement in 2014 to relocate near Iquitos in search of better work chances due to a lack of economic opportunities.

His presence and knowledge improves the training by telling stories about his tribe and culture, and the practitioners gain direct insight into the Matses traditional labor. Robinson is happy for the chance to share and pass on cultural traditions to anybody who is interested in preserving ancestral knowledge, which is regrettably quickly vanishing.

Many of the chores around the training are frequently carried out by him and other members of his family, creating a wonderful family atmosphere